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Introduction of the main business of Deep Blue Explorer

Ⅰ Control System (Deep Blue Eye)

: Real-time live video data using underwater/air drones with the self-developed control system Deep Blue Eye

Ⅱ Underwater drone retail

: Underwater drones and other kit accessories

Ⅲ Video shooting of ships and underwater facilities

: Undersea facility/ship bottom filming and inspection, video recording using underwater drones, such as searching for lost objects

Ⅳ Underwater/Aerial Drone Filming and Video Production

: Underwater video production according to customer's order

This is Deep Blue Explorer, a company specializing in underwater/air drone photography.

Marine ecology, marine facility inspection Underwater pipe

Artificial reef, leisure vessel fishing vessel screw

From searching for lost items to videos for environmental evaluation materials

Check it out live now!

The underwater underwater multi-angle drone shooting screen through the dedicated APP

Multi-channel real-time video transmission and production of promotional video based on captured video

The sea at this time, right in front of my eyes

- Deep Blue Explorer (Jeju underwater drone)


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