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  Control System DeepBlueEye  

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Self-developed control system Deep Blue Eye


▶ Real-time 8-channel control system 
- Simultaneous connection of up to 8 devices such as underwater and aerial drones and action cams
- Possible to check multiple angles through multiple channels


▶ Customers share the site in real time
- Access from various areas other than the control room
- Accessible to PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.


▶ Wide compatibility
- Control possible regardless of the receiving terminal (RTMP method)

▶ Real-time video data
- All areas covered by 5G network 
- Transfer speed 720 MBps


▶ Real-time feedback feedback 
- Adjust the number of channels / Enlarge a specific screen


▶ Economical

- No additional equipment and installation required 

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