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04   Established Deep Blue Explorer

05   Jeju Technopark business support agreement
07    Jeju Film and Culture Industry Promotion Agency move-in and business support agreement
08   Google Play Store APP Registration (Jeju Underwater Drone - Deep Blue Eye)
09    Seogwipo Coast Guard Certificate of Appreciation Award
10    Seogwipo Maritime Police Station Joint training between the public and the military, fire vessel accident response joint training
11   Jeju Coast Guard Ship rescue training and professional training, maritime training

12    Jeju CKL + Daejeon CKL Collaboration “Sunoreum Project”


01  Corporation conversion to Deep Blue Explorer Co., Ltd.

      Seogwipo Jungmun artificial reef installation
02  Participated in Drone Show Korea and presented marine drone operation technology

03  Small and Medium Business Venture Promotion Corporation [cheongnyeonchang-eobsagwanhaggyo] 
04  JDC Route330ICT 2nd selection
      Jeju Life Experiment Obtained order for sub-vessel inspection using underwater drone

05  Establishment of Deep Blue Explorer R&D Center
      All employees acquired 1 drone piloting qualification
Acquisition of CAHSING Dealer Qualification
      2022 data voucher business selection
06  Successful filming of artificial reef installation work by underwater drone on Chuja Island for the first time in Korea
      Participated in the 2022 Fair
Participated in 2022 International Maritime Safety Exhibition
      Seogwipo Coast Guard Participated in joint civil-government-military training
07  National Institute of Fisheries Science Jeju Fisheries Research Institute
09  Korea Coast Guard National Reporters Award
      SK plant underwater tunnel
Participation in Jeju International Marine Leisure Fair

10  Jeju Career Education Center Haenyeo VR video production
      Image Classification Program Deep Blue Memory Ver.1 Development

11  Participated in Busan International Fisheries EXPO
      Jeju Coast Guard Participated in public-private joint training for passenger ship fire
      10 intellectual property applications

12 Mubul Co., Ltd. MOU business agreement

     milaehaeyang-gisul Co., Ltd. MOU business agreement

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