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Hello. This is Kim Dae-beom, the CEO of Deep Blue Explorer.
Deep Blue Explorer means explorer in the deep blue sea, and is a company with a strong spirit of challenge as its name suggests.
It started as a sole proprietorship in 2021 and converted to a corporation in 2022 and is growing rapidly.
Our company shoots the entire marine industry with drones and provides industrial solutions and contents that customers want. Among them, it is specialized in the underwater drone field.

Jeju sea is not only the most beautiful sea in Korea, but it is also a sea of high difficulty due to strong winds and fast currents. Training in Jeju like this means that you are ready to quickly adapt to any environment. I think that we have proven our technological prowess by being the first in Korea to successfully shoot an underwater drone installation work of an artificial reef in Chuja Island.

We would like to prove that Deep Blue Explorer is necessary for the marine industry not only in Jeju sea but also in extreme regions of domestic and foreign marine industries.

Until anyone who is curious about the sea can think of Deep Blue Explorer, we will explore and archive the sea as a leading company equipped with measurement technology, advanced equipment, and professional manpower.

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President Daebum Kim

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