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Dari-do aerial photography

Because the shape of the island resembles a seal, it is also called Dalseodo. It is an uninhabited island floating in the sea about 400m away from the coast of Bukchon-ri village at the northern tip of Jeju Island. It is a rocky island made entirely of basalt, and three or four independent small islands come together to form this island. Rocks cracking apart by strong waves and sea breezes can be seen everywhere, and small islands are connected by a small sandy plain. It is a famous place for the mass colony of mandarin ducks (Natural Monument No. 327), and from December to February every year, hundreds of mandarin ducks and as many as thousands of mandarin ducks visit. It is also widely known as a sea fishing spot. It is one of the 31 hidden secrets of Jeju City announced in July 2009 by selecting 31 representative places around Jeju City in addition to the existing tourist attractions.

The sea at this time, right in front of your eyes - Deep Blue Explorer (Jeju Underwater Drone)


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