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2022 Jeju Life Experiment - Underwater Inspection Project for Small Fishing Vessels Using Underwate

Deep Blue Explorer, a company specializing in underwater/air drones, is starting a sub-inspection project of a small fishing vessel using an underwater drone as a project selected for the 2022 Jeju Life Experiment.

​Anyone who wants to inspect the underside of small fishing vessels in Eup, Myeon, and Dong fishing villages is free (50 ships) for the <Jeju Life Experiment> project and can check and inspect the underside of the vessel with an underwater drone in real time, so please pay a lot of attention give.

Contact: Deep Blue Explorer Co., Ltd. 064)757-3582 /010-6564-2582 The sea at this time, right in front of my eyes - Deep Blue Explorer (Jeju underwater drone)

* What is Jeju Life Experiment?

Questions and problems you have encountered while living in Jeju This is a project that supports experimental activities to solve more serious problems.


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